An email arrived into our MD’s inbox making an enquiry. The enquiry was urgent and we turned the response around fast by sending two of our team down to meet with their team and take a full brief.


The initial challenges were an exceptionally short timeline to create the finished product display stands from the initial enquiry coupled with the fact that these display stands need to be sent out flat pack as they go across Europe and the client was keen to minimise transport costs.


The original specification received from the client was for a solid stand but as we talked to them it became clear that flat pack was the way to go. We took the specification back to our engineers who created the solution that would ensure robustness when the unit was put together whilst ensuring each unit could be safely transported flat pack.


The client was very, very pleased with the result which was not only a practical solution but which also fitted into their brand perfectly. These product display stands perfectly blend eye-catching good looks with the necessary robustness… and we are just about to start a new production run on this stand.

JC Metalworks response to our initial enquiry email was brilliant. They came and met with our team, gained a thorough understanding of what we were looking for and created a prototype to ensure that what they were suggesting was really going to do the trick.

- Amelia Alexander, International Sales Manager, SIS