The Flamco Group is a member of the Aalberts Industries N.V. and is concerned with the development, production and sale of high-quality components for use in HVAC systems. We started talking to each other just over three years ago when Flamco were reviewing their supply base requirements due to challenging cost and volume targets. At JC we are fully geared up to carry out high volume jobs both in terms of capacity and pricing.


Flamco wanted quality, a competitive price, reliable deliveries, engineering support and responsiveness. They get all of those working with JC!


We worked with Flamco to understand their annual requirement to produce a price matrix. Flamco place their batch orders as / when they are needed, and we deliver to an agreed delivery schedule.

We have also supported Flamco on the development of new products by offer them engineering solutions to ensure product robustness combined with a competitive price.


Over the last three years we have added significant value to Flamco through consistent supply of quality products. Simple ideas have included adding an ID sticker to each finished cabinet ensuring full traceability. We have also ensured that quality control has been in place across the batches irrespective of the timeline we are working to.

“It’s a pleasure working with JC Metalworks. They are able to add value, guarantee quality and hit our timelines. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

- Rob Clemson, Technical Director, Flamco