Sheet Aluminium & Sheet Metal Pressing

automated sheet steel pressing

Amongst our metal manufacturing services here at JC Metalworks, we offer sheet metal forming, otherwise known as panel bending, for aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel sheet.

Sheet metal forming and sheet metal pressing using lean manufacturing and 5s techniques, we not only ensure top quality but also productivity advantages for our clients, including faster turnaround and cost-efficiencies.

automated sheet steel pressing

Salvagnini P4X Sheet Metal Panel Bender

4 Meter LVD Easy-FormR Series Ultimate Bending Machine - JC Metalworks

4 Meter LVD Easy-FormR Series Ultimate Bending Machine

Examples of products, metal parts and components created using our sheet metal forming service include the manufacture of point of sale units and retail fixtures, HVAC systems and electrical enclosures, along with lighting systems and metal cabinets.

Having working in the sheet metal manufacturing industry for over 30 years there isn’t much that we haven’t seen or done as sheet metal formers so do get in touch to discuss your sheet metal bending and metal shaping requirements.

If however you’re also seeking a supplier to fabricate and manufacture a product that also requires metal wire forming and or metal tube bending as part of the make-up of it, we can cater for these services too!

a manually operated sheet metal forming press brake for metal pressing and folding

We also offer

Through a selection of trusted and approved partners, JC Metalworks have the ability to competitively source and supply Wire Bending and Tube Forming services. Project managed, these components seamlessly fit into agreed production schedules and further enhance the type of products we are able to manufacture.

Wire Forming

Typical CNC wire formed products and components that we manufacture in high volumes include display racks, d-arms, curved headers, chair frames, furniture frames, seat frames, support legs and much more.

Tube Bending

CNC tube bending is an umbrella term for the metal forming processes used to permanently form steel pipes or tubes.

Our Sheet Metal Forming Tools Offer Quality & Productivity Advantages

Coupled with a high level of expertise, our sheet metal forming tools ensure that even if you require paper thin sheet metal forming, we can offer you high quality parts or components through to fully finished product each and every time.

To complement our LVD and Amada CNC Press Brakes, which have a bend length of 3m and quick changeover tooling, our Salvagnini P4X Panel Bender is fully automated and self loading, offering unrivalled reliability and repeatability. Being an automated sheet metal press, it has fast cycle times and delivers speedy set-up times with its rapid offline programming.

sheet metal stamping

With the ability to bend and fold large and complex aluminium and steel shapes, our sheet metal formers are able to ensure that our clients’ projects are turned around efficiently within tight timeframes.

Having manufacturing facilities such as this on-site ensures our place as leaders in the UK metal working and fabrication industry; a position we will keep through our commitment to further inward investment reinforcing JC Metalworks as one of the UK’s leading sheet metal formers.

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the advantages of sheet metal forming

The Advantages of Sheet Metal Forming

Did you know that 90% of the work we do for clients involves some form of sheet metal forming or metal bending?

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