UK Metal Product Manufacturing Services

Cost-effective metal manufacturing has always been at the heart of what we do. We follow a step-by-step metal manufacturing methodology, which is tracked and monitored through our Quality Assurance processes and systems.

We call upon and apply our decades of high volume precision engineering and metal product manufacturing experience, and combine it with our cutting edge equipment, to produce premium quality metal products, parts and components to exacting specifications, on time and within budget.

Our in-house metal product manufacturing services include design and engineering, laser cutting, metal punching, metal forming, fabrication, powder coating and final assembly; all project managed by our knowledgable team.

With a dedicated assembly area within our Loughborough facility, we can assemble your final product using a wide range of components including electronics, branding, glass, joinery and plastic parts.

Even if your final products require components that are not made of metal or haven’t been manufactured at our plant, we can use our trusted network of suppliers to save you time and money. We can source all of the parts that are required for the final assembly of the finished item on your behalf – the choice is yours. Either that or our project management team can liaise with your chosen supplier for those non-metal materials.

Our ongoing commitment to inward investment and having our product manufacturing services on-site in the UK ensures our place as leaders in the UK metal manufacturing industry.

The quality, consistency, accuracy and excellence in performance of our metal product manufacturing services are guaranteed.

What Our Clients Say

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Our Metal Work Manufacturing Services

Here at JC Metalworks we are dedicated to maximising value for our clients by utilising our decades of precision engineering and metal manufacturing experience, combined with cutting edge equipment, to produce high quality metal work to exact specifications, on time and to budget.

  • Project Management

    No matter how large or small your precision metal work or product manufacturing project is, here at JC Metalworks we offer a fully managed project management service from enquiry to delivery. Metal work and product manufacturing often includes juggling various elements in tandem in order to create the final unit.
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  • Design & Engineering

    Through the use of skilled design and precision engineering techniques, our specialist in-house designers and engineering teams take a product design concept or idea from a client and turn them into fully specified engineering drawings ready for manufacture.
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  • Metal Laser Cutting

    Precision sheet metal manufacturing requires a high level of detail and care. When cutting sheet metal, there are effectively two options: sheet metal punching and laser cutting. Whilst punching can be a more cost-effective and inexpensive option when cutting more commonly-shaped products, laser cutting offers a precise and often highly specific sheet metal shape.
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  • Metal Punching

    Custom metal punching is a key component in the precision metal manufacturing process here at JC Metalworks, perfectly complementing our design and engineering, laser cutting, forming, welding and fabrication, metal finishing and product assembly services.
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  • Metal Forming

    Custom metal forming is a key component in the precision metal manufacturing process here at JC Metalworks, perfectly complementing our design and engineering, laser cutting, punching, welding and fabrication, metal finishing and product assembly services.
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  • Metal Fabrication

    Our dedicated fabrication area within our precision manufacturing facility provides the ideal environment for welding and linishing, ensuring the finest quality products are ready for the next stage of their manufacturing journey on-time and to exceptional quality standards.
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  • Metal Finishing

    Metal finishing forms an invaluable part of our proposition, with one of the UK’s most flexible and productive in-house metal finishing lines for all kinds of aluminium and steel metal work. Having metal finishing facilities like this on-site ensures our place as leaders in the UK precision manufacturing industry; a position we will keep through our commitment to further inward investment.
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  • Product Assembly

    Being one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fabricated metal parts and products, once those parts or components are complete, the precision manufacturing and product assembly process can take place. Within the assembly stage of production, it is imperative that the product is thoroughly checked for any inconsistencies from unit to unit.
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  • Pack & Despatch

    It could be assumed that, given all of the parts and assembled products we manufacture are fundamentally made from metal, they will be secure and robust in transit. However, that’s not always the case. Many of the finished products we produce are branded or constructed with plastic or electric components and care must be paid to ensure the integrity of the product in readiness for use and application.
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Metal Working Plant & Machinery

One of the areas JC Metalworks focuses on is the investment in state of the art technology and equipment, as it’s important to us that all products are manufactured to a high standard, in high volume, whilst cutting down on production time and cost as much as possible. Here are the various metalworking manufacturing services offered by JC Metalworks and manufacturing equipment used.

Global Manufacturing of Metal Work, Parts & Products

Based on project feasibility, we have the option of product manufacturing metal parts and products in India with a trusted partner – all project managed though our UK team.

Volume, lead time and the specification of the finished manufactured product will determine project feasibility.

Typical examples of high volume products that are precision manufactured by us include point of sale stands, display units and retail fixtures, HVAC systems, electrical enclosures and lighting systems.

Having worked in the metal manufacturing industry for over 30 years, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen or done so do get in touch to discuss your product manufacturing requirements today.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at our Loughborough, Leicestershire head office to find out how we can use our outsourced metal manufacturing experience for your benefit today by using our contact form or by calling us on 01509 233280.

Retail Display Specialists

Here at JC Metalworks, our engineering team has decades of experience in the precision manufacturing of high-quality bespoke retail display units, shop display cabinets, shop fittings and fixtures and point-of-sale (POS) units for a wide range of purposes and products.