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In the Science and Medicine fields, precision and reliability are key, which is why our customers in these industries know they can rely on us. Requirements vary from project to project, but our design and manufacture service provides a dependable high quality outcome for consistent results.

In our 30+ years of experience, we have been tasked with the design and fabrication of various elements for scientific equipment, including casings, centrifuges, weather stations, screens and more. In this industry, we work with you to understand any considerations that need to be considered within the product design, such as safety, environment, heat, noise, substances etc.

Whatever your requirements, our design and engineering team will use their knowledge and experience to listen, advise and provide a bespoke solution. This ensures they design the ideal solution for your business.

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Metal Casings for Scientific Equipment, Casings for Ventilators & Medical Equipment

bespoke metal work solutions and metal enclosures for retail, commercial and industrial applications

Not only can we design and manufacture your bespoke metalwork requirements to the highest standards, but our state-of-the-art facilities include finishing and assembly to provide a full turnkey solution.

We know the casing for your equipment needs to match your product style and quality, so the final look of the product is as high a priority as its function. From the start to the end of each project, we ensure that all products are designed to be fit-for-purpose, reliable, high quality and visually appealing.

There are many possibilities to the metalwork products we can create, so whether you need casings, centrifuges, screens or other metal products for scientific or medical equipment, begin with a chat with our design and engineering team. Please give us a call on 01509 233 280 or send an enquiry through our contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

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