Birchwood Van Vault

Supporting a Leading Security Box Brand

17th October 2017   |   Commercial


Since its launch in 1998 Van Vault has become a highly regarded secure storage solution for tradesmen and is the UK’s No.1 mobile security brand. Van Vault products are designed to deter thieves from nicking valuable tools and equipment, whether it’s from a vehicle or out on a work site. Van Vault products are not display units. JC Metalworks have been commissioned to produce retail products for sale.

Birchwood Van Vault 2 tool box


Van Vault products have tolerance critical folds within the product which need to be met.


JC Metalworks have the design capability, utilised its state-of-the-art machinery and different processes such as in-house screen print and assembly to develop a solid range of products for Van Vault for onward sale.


The products were developed from a sample and developed in-house. JC Metalworks have been working with this client now for over 12 months and are happy to see re-orders of this product running through the business.

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