clothing retail store window display - blog by JC Metalworks

25th October 2019

Unique Retail Display Ideas & POS Visual Merchandising Techniques

It doesn’t matter how amazing your product is, how competitive your prices are, or how friendly your staff are – if your retail display and visual merchandising techniques fall short, your sales will be affected. The best way to protect…

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Worker doing different types of welding - JC Metalworks Loughborough

24th September 2019

What are the Different Types of Welding Used in Metal Fabrication?

In our latest blog, we discussed which types of metals are used at JC Metalworks as part of our metal fabrication process. Metal fabrication is the process wherein metal parts are welded, as well as linished and dressed, to prepare…

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18th July 2019

What metals are used in metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process whereby individual metal parts are welded together, linished, and dressed, to make them ready for finishing, either with chrome plating or powder coating. When carrying out custom metal fabrication projects for clients, there are a…

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uk powder coating specialists - sheet steel and aluminium, wire and tubes

1st February 2018

Powder Coating vs Painting

If you’ve ever wondered how powder coating differs from painting, we can tell you that the main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powdercoating doesn’t require a solvent to keep the binder and…

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the advantages of sheet metal forming

24th November 2017

The Advantages of Sheet Metal Forming

Did you know that 90% of the work we do for clients involves some form of sheet metal forming or metal bending? That’s a lot!  So perhaps, with that in mind, it’s no surprise that we take great pride in…

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metal laser cutting - fibre laser cutter machine at work

17th October 2017

What is a Laser Cutter?

From intricate profiling through to creating a smooth edge finish, laser cutting machines have been at the heart and soul of JC Metalworks for many years now.

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the importance of prototyping

13th October 2017

The Importance of Prototyping

Have you ever asked yourself what the importance of prototyping is? Or indeed what is a prototype? If so, please read on as we try to explain it to you. What is a Prototype? A prototype is an early sample,…

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Custom metal retail display shelving

10th October 2017

What are Shop Fixtures and Fittings?

Shop fixtures and fittings come, quite literally, in all shapes and sizes.  From retail display units through to cabinets, clothes rails, retail shelving and merchandise stands through to euro hooks and even retail furniture… the list is almost endless; as…

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22nd September 2017

What is a Point of Sale Display Stand?

So, you've found yourself asking 'What is a point of sale display stand?' Here we take our very best shot at trying to explain. A Point of Sale display stand is a specialised form of sales promotion that is found... Read More
Retail Display Shelving Unit Manufacturer - JC Metalworks Loughborough

12th September 2017

What makes a good Retail Display Unit?

Ask 10 people what makes a good retail display unit and you may well get 10 different answers. However, drawing on our years of experience designing, prototyping and manufacturing a range of different retail display units, point of sale and... Read More