what is metalworking? It is often welding metal carried out by stainless steel fabricators

What is Metalworking?

8th September 2017   |   Knowhow

Seeking an answer to the question ‘What is metalworking?’ Well to put it in its simplest terms, metalworking is the process of working with metals to create individual parts, assemblies, or large-scale structures. 

The term ‘metalworking’ covers a huge variety of work across multiple industries / sectors from companies making large ships and bridges through to precision metal manufacturers like ourselves who precision engineer and manufacture component parts through to complete items but nothing as large as a ship or bridge – yet!

The most common metalworking processes

Because metalworking is used so diversely it includes a wide range of skills, processes and tools.  Most commonly metalworking is divided into the following categories:

  • Cutting: cutting is a collection of processes where material is brought to a specified shape by removing excess using various kinds of tooling
  • Forming: forming modifies metal by deforming it i.e. forming does not remove any metal.  Forming is done with a system of mechanical forces and, especially for bulk metal forming, with heat
  • Joining: joining brings two or more pieces of metal together by way of one or more different processes which include welding, brazing and soldering

Commonly used metalworking tools

There are many, many different commonly used metalworking tools ranging from the simple (but effective) hammer and anvil through to complex tools including Fibre Lasers, punch presses, Salvagnini P4 panel benders, Amada Press Breaks and, MIG and TIG welding equipment – kit that we have here at JC Metalworks.

Of course working with metalworking tools are the people that operate them and their skills are as important as the tools and equipment they operate. We are very fortunate to have over 90 skilled employees here who help us to help our clients achieve their ambitions each and every time.

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