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What are Machine Guards Made Of?

7th September 2018

Steady there fella!  Before we answer that we should probably start off with what is a machine guard? There are four basic types of machine guards: Fixed guards Interlocked guards Adjustable guards Self-adjusting guards   Fixed guards are probably the…

Is Size Everything?

7th August 2018

We don’t want to reply too quickly with a ‘no, size isn’t everything’ answer, however... when you’re really trying to show the size and scale of your operations and, therefore, your capability - how do you do it in a...

Let’s Have a Look-See: Supporting TwentyTwenty

31st July 2018

TwentyTwenty is a registered charity here in our home town of Loughborough.  They help disadvantaged and disengaged young people to develop confidence, succeed in education and find sustainable employment. To our shame we’ve only just found out about them but…

Self-awareness at work

26th July 2018

Being self-aware in the workplace is vital if you want to develop your own skills and the skills of those you work alongside.  To that end we decided to attend a one-day course during which members of the JC team…

Cosmetic Units

23rd July 2018

You only have to look around on Instagram to see how cosmetic trends change.  Just look at Glitter Lips for instance.  Developed by Beauty Boulevard, a Lincoln-based company, just a few years ago this company has seen huge growth and…

Manufacturing 4.0 and JC Metalworks

6th July 2018

Manufacturing 4.0 or Industry 4.0 is the name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing.  Manufacturing 4.0 is commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution (the first being mechanisation using water and steam power, the…