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With 30+ years of experience as steel fabricators, producing metal electrical enclosures, machine guarding, refrigerated display cabinets, chilled beams for the HVAC industry and lighting components from mild steel, stainless steel and brass in the UK industrial fabrication industry, we are well placed to provide not only physical manufacturing support but also the knowledge to be able to advise in the design and engineering of those metal parts and components that make up any final practical solution.

When manufacturing components in high volumes for electrical and industrial enclosures, we take great care in ensuring that they will operate safely. One particular precaution that we take uses a ‘louvre’ punching tool to optimise airflow and prevent overheating. Liaising with our design team, our project manager will work with you to troubleshoot potential safety issues in your product, and present suitable solutions to ensure that your lighting and electrical components are safe for use.

At JC Metalworks, every sheet metal product that we produce for lighting components and electrical purposes undergoes a first-check by our experienced Quality and Assurance team. This examination ensures that the first product of every run works perfectly and meets your exact specifications.

We also offer a product assembly service, where our team can assemble your lighting components in addition to electrical parts or components manufactured from other materials, such as plastic, wood or glass into the finished product, saving your staff from taking on this task. Overall, our assembly service ensures that your components or completed products are ready for delivery.

Fabricated industrial electrical parts and lighting components manufactured in high volumes by us include:

  • Television Monitor Enclosures
  • Self Serve Kiosks
  • Lighting Reflectors
  • Lamp Holders

In addition to the manufacturing of lighting and electrical components, our team are highly skilled and experienced in manufacture of components for the refrigeration and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry.

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Industrial Steel Fabrication for Heating, Electrical Wiring & Ventilation

Our precision engineers and industrial steel fabricators here at JC Metalworks are able to manufacture steel HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) chilled beams in high volumes, that deliver a high standard of comfort in your building. We will work closely with you to ensure your HVAC components are manufactured to your exact specifications in order to accommodate your equipment – for HVAC systems of all sizes.

Industrial fabricated products for the HVAC industry is a speciality here at JC Metalworks and we’ve been manufacturers and suppliers specialising in high volumes for many years. Our experienced team are on hand to work with you to design your multi-service chilled beam system to your exact requirements, meaning you will always receive the components you need. All of our HVAC components are manufactured here in the UK by our talented team, and as every piece of steel ventilation ducting we produce is bespoke to your requirements, there is very little we cannot offer you.

Different buildings have different heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducting requirements and we recognise that all our components must be able to withstand the rigours of office, factory or industrial life and we are pleased that the quality of our product is more than up to this task.

To ensure that your HVAC components are the right fit for you and your building and to learn more about how JC Metalworks’ team of expert steel fabricators can manufacture multi-unit, sheet metal components for your building’s HVAC duct system, please submit a contact form or simply call us on 01509 233280 and we’ll be happy to help.


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