Salvagnini P4X Sheet Metal Panel Bender

At JC Metalworks, we enlist in talent and machinery that ensures high-quality and reliable products for our customers. One of the most useful pieces of machinery that we employ is the Salvagnini P4X Sheet Metal Panel Bender, which automatically folds panels quickly and precisely to our clients’ specifications.

We are one of only a few subcontractors in the UK that operate a Salvagnini automatic panel bender. Usually, this particular type of machine from Salvagnini is only located in factories that manufacture only one type of product. As such, JC Metalworks offers up an exclusive advantage to our clients with this uniquely efficient piece of machinery.

One of the major benefits of using the Salvagnini P4X Panel Bender is that it saves a tremendous amount of time. Firstly, it requires very little set up time. The blanket holder must be adjusted to fit the longest side of the panel to be bent. As well, the machine automatically bends metal at a much faster rate than manual metal bender.

To operate, we load a number of stacked panels into the machine. It then pulls each panel in one-by-one and quickly folds the necessary sections with precision.  The accuracy with which the Salvagnini P4X bends metal ensures consistency among a group of units, so that our products fit the exact specifications of our clients.

The machine can be used to bend panels for any number of functions, including custom enclosures, cosmetic, sporting goods and grocery retail displays. Recently, we have used the Salvagnini P4X to fold side panels for cosmetics displays. These point-of-sale units will be placed in chemists and department stores across the UK and Europe.

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