Metal Tube Forming including Steel & Aluminium

When bending metal tubes or pipes it can be carried with materials that are client specified or those that we’ve recommended. In stating that, it should be said that our highly skilled craftsmen work with all suitable metal tubing and pipes, including those made from, but not exclusive to; mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and cooper.

The great benefit to our clients is that all of the metal products that we manufacture and fabricate from metal tube can be powder coated or painted by our experienced in-house metal finishing team.

Choosing aluminium or stainless steel for your metal tube forming can result in additional time being required for the production process to include the finishing time.

When bending steel tube or indeed forming or bending any metal tube, careful selection of materials is important: it is worth noting that when considering aluminium and stainless steel, you need to be aware that a certain amount of finishing will be required, as the forming or metal tube bending process and any welding or fabrication process will leave marks on the component. However, you can be assured that we take great pride in making sure that all of our products are finished to the required standard and finish.

If you have a new project that requires our tube bending services don’t hesitate to get in touch – we will be happy to advise and work through it with you.

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CNC Tube Bending to Form Metal Components

Typical tube formed products and components that we manufacture include display racks, d-arms, curved headers, chair frames, furniture frames, seat frames, support legs, tubular legs, tubular rings, spreader frames, storage units, work stands, guards, and hand rails. That said, we are always taking on new projects and discovering new ways of manufacturing items that include metal pipes or tubing.

Offering a high quality service throughout our production process, we ensure that our clients receive exactly what they have specified, including soft corners!

Soft corners? Many of our clients work in the retail environment and the last thing they want is for one of their customers to walk into a sharp corner. What we do is ensure our design and production departments work together to give clients the finish they require taking into account all factors including final use of the piece(s).

To find out how we can help manufacture your metal work project, with or without metal tube bending, please use our contact form or call us on 01509 233280 today.


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