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Metal Work & Product Manufacturing Project Management

No matter how large or small your precision metal work or product manufacturing project is, here at JC Metalworks we offer a fully managed project management service from enquiry to delivery.

Metal work and product manufacturing often includes juggling various elements in tandem in order to create the final unit. When multiple manufacturing services are required, it can involve dealing with several separate manufacturers and different processes.

This can result in dealing with numerous lead times and deadlines at once. This can potentially slow down the production as well as creating additional work for the client in arranging, liaising and organising each element separately.

That's why we put such an emphasis on project management. We work smart and hard to ensure that the manufacture of your product is as painless as possible.

Our Metal Work & Product Manufacturing Process

Account management JC Metal worksQuality procedures are strictly adhered to within JC Metalworks. Our team works with an ethos of 'measure twice, cut once', and this process is used all the way through the production of a sheet metal manufacturing project - from engineering and design to assembly and packaging.

Our project managers work with the Production Controller and various teams to ensure that your project is completed to specification, on time and to budget, overseeing the following stages of the JC Metalworks 7-stage manufacturing process.

Design & Engineering

Beginning with planning, our account managers will work with you to fully understand your manufacturing needs and timescales involved. From here, the Production Controller will liaise with the design and engineering team to develop a product design and technical engineering drawings for the client to approve. This is the stage where our talented designers and engineers will work to add the most value to a product by adapting its design to ensure manufacture is efficient and as streamlined as possible.

Once approved by the client, the Production Controller will schedule the manufacture of the product.The production will take place using the extensive in-house manufacturing facilities available to JC Metalworks and delivery or collection of the finished product will be arranged. 

Manufacturing & Production

Various services and techniques may be used to create your product, from laser cutting for creating precise shapes, through to punching, metal forming and fabrication of your products to achieve the required shape. 

Our innovative and skilled craftsmen will create products for our clients using high tech machinery and equipment, using tried and tested production techniques. Once manufacturing has taken place, the product will be ready for the next phase, Powder Coating.

The product will be sprayed, to meet your brand colours and finishes, in our automated powder coating system. Once cured, the product can move onto assembly and packing.

Assembly, Packaging & Despatch

Our assembly and packaging team can assemble a finished metalwork piece as well as the final unit (including for example electrical elements, joinery, plastics such as acrylics etc) ready for delivery. Our specialist team can also liaise with a client's chosen supplier for other materials to save the client's time.

Ensuring that all previous phases have been completed accurately and successfully, our assembly and packing team will assemble the finished product and package it so it is ready for delivery to its next destination.

To find out more about the processes used by JC Metalworks and how our team can project manage your next product manufacture, please give one of our specialists a call on 01509 233 280 today
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