Based at the JC Metalworks facility, our team of manufacturing specialists all work together to create finished products in large volumes for our clients, from design and engineering, through to packaging, assembly and despatching those items to the client or their preferred destination.

We are very proud of the team we have assembled here at JC Metalworks, and work hard with them to ensure that they continually receive the right support, guidance, and training to enable them to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and of course to enable them to take on new roles and challenges within the business as opportunities present themselves.

To find out more about working with us here at JC Metalworks, either as an apprentice or a more experienced member of staff, please take a look at the links below.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Service – Marcin Kolinski

In July this year, we celebrated 10 years of service for our Cutting Team Leader, Marcin. A valuable member of our team, Marcin began with very little experience but applied effort and determination to advance his career in just a…

Employee of the Month July

Nominations received for: Theo Pritchard – Apprentice Development Engineer Excellent communication especially between the office and production. Theo has worked tirelessly to ensure that new orders are flowing through production without issues. Susanne Martin – Project Co-ordinator Great attention to…

Employee of the Month July

Nominations received for: Ian Dudley – Fabrication Excellent teamwork skills with a positive and uplifting attitude which beneficial to his peers. Zhenia – Forming Efficient and fantastic teamworking skills has not gone unnoticed throughout the department and JC. Maciej – Forming…