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A JC placement is very beneficial for young people who are pursuing a degree. It allows them to apply the knowledge and skills they have been learning within a working environment and gain hands-on experience for their future career.

Giles Davis is studying Product Design at Bangor University in North Wales. His six-week placement at JC has built his confidence, improved his knowledge of business practice and increased his commercial awareness. It also has helped him develop skills such as team working, communication and problem-solving.

Giles’ favourite hobby is designing parts for miniature war games using SolidWorks software. At JC, he was able to focus on the sheet metal side of SolidWorks by developing a metal product. He was exposed to the full range of sheet metal manufacture processes, including Laser Cutting, Punching, Forming, Panel Bending, Fabrication, Robotic Welding, Powder Coating, and Assembly. This practical experience taught him the differences between 3D modelling and actual production.

The product Giles designed and developed for us is a mobile floor TV stand, it will be used in our boardroom, incorporating a cupboard for a PC, a concealed space for all the cables at the back and a bottom drawer to store additional hardware.

As Giles acquired practical knowledge during his placement, he came to understand many aspects of design for manufacturing. For instance, his original design, which was made of one part, was revised and split into 3 parts due to the large radius involved. His use of functional parts to improve the aesthetics of the unit are exceptional, adding small details such as the JC logo and our “JC red” powder coat to the drawer make the whole unit look more attractive, practical too as the wheels at the base provide ease of movement.

Throughout the process of design, development and manufacturing, Giles was involved with all departments at JC Metalworks, which gave him a practical insight into how a company operates. With JC as a facilitator, he became a project manager to organise and deliver his product successfully and he greatly appreciated the helpful team at JC, especially Jamie and Duane.

Our placement program has variety of learning experiences and helps young people in different ways by moulding and nurturing them. It provides them with an experience of their chosen industry so that they can make informed decisions about their future career path and increases employment opportunities by giving the confidence to talk authoritatively during future job interviews. There is also an opportunity to build a valuable professional network, meet new friends and gain work experience and transferable skills in a field they are interested in.

If you have any enquiries for placements please send an email to

After completing his six weeks Giles said “I’ve learnt how the design process fits in a more commercial environment, how to talk to and organise things across multiple departments. I have really enjoyed my time here and would love to come back and work at JC Metalworks.”

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