The VENTIS-3015AJ is an innovative fibre laser processing machine that uses ground breaking technology for sheet metal cutting. AMADA’s Locus Beam Control (LBC) technology is revolutionary, with an innovative beam shaping system that allows for precise control of the laser beam motion. This creates possibilities never accomplished before with solid state laser cutting machines.

The 4kW single diode module fibre laser engine provides a very high quality laser beam, and is comparable to 6-8kW machines, with much less power requirements and an unrivalled cutting quality.

This machines gives us higher productivity and higher quality, whilst using less power.

AMADA VENTIS-3015AJ Key Features:

  • LBC Technology - Locus beam control offering improved cutting quality and processing speeds
  • Kerf width control - Allowing processing of more intricate detail
  • V Factory - Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing, combining production techniques with smart technology
  • Complete unmanned operation - allowing the processing of all materials without manual setup
  • 18 Tonne automation system - offering unrivalled turnaround times