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Powder Coating Services (Steel & Aluminium)

One of our latest investments at our precision engineering facility and metal finishing facility is our Gema automated powder coater.

As Stage 5 of the metal manufacturing process powder coating involves the use of speciality coloured powder coating powders, paints and finishes for metal including aluminium and steel to create the final look for the product. This part of the manufacturing process is carried out with a Gema state-of-the-art automated powder coater, providing our clients with a consistent, high-quality finish.

Aluminium & Steel Sheet Powder Coating & Metal Finishing Specialists

The JC Metalworks powder coater offers up unrivalled flexibility. It features a run rate of two metres per minute and has the ability to change colours in under 10 minutes. As such, our precision engineering team can ensure that our clients' deliveries are not compromised by sub contracted operations.

Having facilities like this on-site and in-house at JC Metalworks ensures our place as leaders in the industry; a position we will keep through our commitment to further inward investment. Our plans include investing in the necessary equipment to give us small run and prototyping powder coating capabilities which will further reinforce JC Metalworks as a powder coating specialist.

UK Steel & Aluminium Sheet Powder Coaters

Our three step guide to powder coating your product!

There are three steps involved in the powder coating of a metal item:

 1. Pre Treatment

After the previous stages (cutting, forming, or fabrication), each product is washed in chemicals to ensure the surface is ready for powder coating. This avoids any inconsistencies in the texture while minimising blemishes after the powder coating step.

 2. Powder Coating 

The powder coating step involves 6 automated reciprocating arms spraying dry powder on to the item using an electrostatic charge in order to gain even coverage. Our technical powder coating sprayers are on hand inspecting each item to ensure even coverage is achieved before curing.

 3. Curing

Powder coating at JC metalworksOnce coated, the item must then be cured in the curing oven for 15 to 20 minutes, where the 180 degree heat causes a chemical reaction which bonds and finishes the layer.

JC Metalworks' in-house powder coating specialists work with suppliers to provide the precise colours required by our clients for their products. As well as colours, we are capable of creating a number of finishes including gloss, matt, textured, rippled, semi-gloss etc. It is hugely important to achieve exact colours and textures for our clients, to avoid inconsistencies in their branding and maintain the look and feel of a product.

Once the product is powder coated it will then either move along the process into the Assembly or Despatch stage.

 JC Metalworks' 7-Stage Manufacturing Process: 

We offer a 7-stage process for manufacturing products for our clients.

Once design and engineering has taken place each product will be scheduled in for each of the (relevant) manufacturing processes. As every product required is unique the manufacturing process for that product will also be different.

A product can include metal finishing along with any or all of the following manufacturing services:

  1. Design & Engineering
  2. Cutting
  3. Forming
  4. Sheet Metal Fabrication
  5. Powder Coating
  6. Assembly
  7. Despatch

Examples of products created using these techniques and services include manufacture of point of sale units and retail fixtures, HVAC systems, electrical enclosures and metal cabinets along with lighting systems.

To discuss how JC Metalworks' state of the art equipment and experienced craftsmen can support your manufacturing project, through powder coating your product or project managing the full manufacture (on time and on budget) call the team today on 01509 233280.

Precision Metal Manufacturing Project Management

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Sheet Metal Powder Coating Machinery

JC Metalworks is comitted to investing in high-quality and state of the art technology to manufacture client products.

JC Metalworks is comitted to investing in high-quality and state of the art technology to manufacture client products. - See more at: http://www.winmarketing.co.uk/dev/jc/punching.html#sthash.lSZuUFUW.dpuf

With a run rate of 2 metres per minute and an ability to change colours in under 10 minutes, the flexibility that JC Metalworks' powder coating facility offers is unrivalled.

Gema Specifications:

  • Online pretreatment
  • 2 metres / minute track speed
  • 2 x ITW Gema manual powder coating guns
  • 6 x ITW Gema automated reciprocator arms
  • 1 x ITW Gema fast colour change booth with Magic Center™
  • 1 x powder reclamation facility

Read more about other technical equipment at the JC Metalworks facility.

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