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One of the areas JC Metalworks focuses on is the investment in state of the art technology and equipment, as it's important to us that all products are manufactured to a high standard whilst cutting down on production time and cost as much as possible. Here are the various metalworking manufacturing services offered by JC Metalworks and manufacturing equipment used.

 Design and Engineering

Our design and engineering team utilises a full library of CAD/CAM software packages, including SolidWorks and Radan to create manufacturing and engineering drawings. 

This enables clients to view accurate 3D models for approval prior to the manufacturing and production stage. It allows for changes and modifications to improve either the product itself or the manufacturing processes used to create it.

 Laser Cutting

Amada Fibre Laser

The Amada FOL3015 AJ fibre laser has the technology to allow for extremely fast and high-quality accurate laser cutting of sheet metal, whilst being reliably automated, cutting down both operation time and costs.

Amada fibre laser specifications: 

  • Increased cutting range - cut copper/brass/titanium
  • Fast material processing - 340 m/min linear drives
  • Low running costs - 70% electricity saving
  • Long maintenance cycles
  • Reliable laser beam - superior edge quality
  • Lights out operation
  • Material thickness available 

Trumpf Laser  

The Trumpf Laser has the capability of handling a variety of JC Metalworks' laser cutting tasks including complex profiles, with minimal setup and tooling costs. The machine is equipped with high speed and oxidised-free laser cutting capabilities, which results in an increase in productivity and quality.

Trumpf Laser Specifications:

  • Mild Steel up to 20mm
  • Stainless up to 8mm
  • Aluminium up to 6mm
  • Sheet size up to 3.0m x 1.5m
  • Lights out operation


JC Metalworks precision manufacturing equipmentUsing Amada CNC punching machines, JC Metalworks can offer high accuracy, high speed and competitively-priced punched parts. Setup times for punching are significantly reduced with the automatic online tool changer which has the capacity to hold up to 220 tools. Lights out operation is achieved with the sheet loader and part picker.

Amada EMZ3610 CNC Turret Punch Specifications:

  • 6 tonne loading capability
  • Tool changer with 220 tool capacity
  • Ability to tap, countersink and form during punch processes, removing the need for multiple operations
  • Part picking facility
  • Lights out operating capability
  • Max. sheet size 3000mm x 1500mm
  • Material thickness up to 3mm

Amada Europe 258 Turret Punch Press Specifications:

  • 27 tool station turret
  • Max. sheet size 3000mm x 1500mm
  • Material thickness up to 3mm


Salvagnini panel bender machine JC MetalworksSalvagnini Panel Bender

Our Salvagnini panel bender has the capability for metal forming by automatically bending sheet metal - guaranteeing quality, reliability, accuracy and repeatability along with excellent performance. To complement the Salvagnini panel bender we have a range of CNC press brakes which can bend parts up to 3m in length.

Salvagnini P4X Panel Bender Specifications:

  • Self loading
  • Reliability and product repeatability
  • Low set-up times resulting in flexibility
  • Ability to fold complex and large shapes
  • High efficiency rates, fast cycle times and low cost
  • Offline rapid programming

Amada and LVD Press Brakes Specifications:

  • Offline programming to reduce setup times
  • Quick changeover tooling
  • Angle measuring correction device
  • 3m bend length capability
  • Bending up to 6mm thickness

 Powered Rollers

  • Powered rolls for consistent and accurate curves
  • 2m wide rolling capability
  • Rolling up to 2mm thickness


Powder Coating

JC Metalworks machinery for manufactureWith a run rate of 2 metres per minute and an ability to change colours in under 10 minutes, the flexibility that JC Metalworks' powder coating facility offers is unrivalled.

Gema Specifications:

  • Online pretreatment
  • 2 metres / minute track speed
  • 2 x ITW Gema manual powder coating guns
  • 6 x ITW Gema automated reciprocator arms
  • 1 x ITW Gema fast colour change booth with Magic Center™
  • 1 x powder reclamation facility
To understand more about how the technology and equipment invested in by JC Metalworks can help you in your metal manufacturing needs, contact one of our team today on (01509) 233 280.

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