YES! We’ve been ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Re-certified

19th September 2017   |   News

Here at JC we are celebrating our re-certification of both ISO 9001 and ISO 14000, making us one of only a handful of precision metal manufacturers in the UK to hold both standards.

We asked Mark Ruddle, Quality Engineer at JC to comment on the certification. He said, “We were last re-registered in September 2014 to the previous version of the standard.  This audit was a transition audit to the 2015 revision of the standards, so it’s basically a new certification.

“We performed well in all areas across the board, as is required, but we were particularly pleased with an informal comment made in regard to the Leadership element of the standard, which is a new clause. Put simply the Leadership Team at JC demonstrated an ‘outstanding’ knowledge and commitment to Quality and Environmental management systems.  For me this reinforces that in order to be the best and deliver the best it has to be bought into by everyone in the team from Board to shop floor and this audit has proved that.”

Nick Oakland, our MD added, “This certification is a clear demonstration that JC has been externally audited by a third party and has provided evidence to demonstrate that we actively fulfil all the requirements of the standards. When a client approaches us they can not only be reassured by the fact that we follow the framework of these international standards, but also that we have had our business independently tested to prove that we meet the requirements. It really is a case of ‘don’t just take our word for it’.
“We have carried these standards consistently and consecutively for over 6 years now, in fact we were first certified for ISO 9001 back in 2002, and we really do live by them. They are part of our DNA and drive us to continuously improve as well as learn from every situation, which is particularly important when a business is as ambitious as we are and is growing as fast as we are.”

We celebrated this huge achievement with an extra mug of tea (or coffee) and a rather large slice of cake. That’s a lot of cake for nearly 100 staff!! Good to know our success is keeping others busy too!