WorkSkills Competition – July 2019

16th July 2019   |   News

One of our first year apprentices Fabian Mort was asked to participate in the WorkSkills UK welding competition by his Lecturer at College. To take part in WorldSkills Competitions, apprentices and students must be entered online by their college, training provider or employer on the WorldSkills UK website.

WorldSkills UK Competitions bring together apprentices and young people from around the UK to compete to be the best in their chosen skill, first in national competitions and then as part of Team UK in international skills competitions. Skills Competitions provide employers, colleges and independent training providers with a proven method of achieving real results for young people of all abilities.

The competition consisted of various welding techniques namely TIG, MIG, and MMA style welding. The apprentices were tasked to carry out welds using a range of methods, one of the tests was to weld pipe to plate, sounds simple but this had to be done in various positions making it challenging as it involved them welding from areas that differ from their normal work benches. They did very well to complete the tests and did so representing the company.

Well done Fabian and keep up the good work!

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