We’ve Expanded our Retail Display Operation into India

20th September 2013   |   News

This follows an exciting 5-year plan for the metalworkers to expand internationally in order to maximise manufacturing opportunities in Asia. Directors and father-and-son team, Jack and Jason Chauhan have worked to develop strong relationships with partners in the fast-growing market of India in order to improve efficiency of production and pass these resulting cost benefits on to clients.

Supporting retail agencies with their clients – often well-known and high profile high street brands with their point of sale requirements – it is crucial to JC Metalworks and their clients that all products are made to exact specifications and to a high standard. The expertise and experience of the UK-based JC Metalworks team will work with trusted partners in the Gujarat region of India to undertake some of the metalworking process, as well as expanding into manufacture of products using other materials, such as wood, acrylics, glass and electrical items), before final completion back in the Leicestershire facility.

With the Chauhan family originating from Gujarat, the management have an understanding of the culture and can speak the local language.This will ensure relationships and working standards are maintained and enables JC Metalworks to remain competitive in the market place, whilst providing the level of support clients require.

Jason, our MD, said of this exciting development‘It’s great to see these plans put in place, it’s exciting to be able to offer fantastic benefits for our clients from this international expansion. We are passionate about UK manufacturing and every project will be engineered and assembled in Loughborough ‘ where manufacture will be undertaken in India it will be under the watchful and experienced eye of our UK team.

The facility in India will allow us to manufacture larger volumes on a competitive basis without affecting quality. This will open up opportunities for our clients to support their brands globally, as cost effectively as possible whilst still making the most of our teams’ skills and experience’

JC was supporting a retail point of sale company with production of display units for a high profile retail client became the first project using this new partnership in India.The units were manufactured at the new facility in Gujarat, before delivery to the Loughborough factory in July, where assembly and final quality checks were completed ready for the client to be rolled out into their nationwide stores.

We are also proud to announce this week that the next project to be manufactured in the India facility is again supporting with manufacture of several point of sale display units for a major international retailer to fit-out their brand new store in the city of Mumbai, opening later this year.