JC Metalworks Walking the Walk for Rainbows

Walking the Walk…. For Rainbows

20th April 2018   |   News

Background: We are tackling the highest mountain in Wales – Snowdon – on the 6th May and raising vital funds for our charity of the year: Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People https://www.rainbows.co.uk/

On the 25th March we held our first training session!

What a day it was! Bright and sunny, full of energy and enthusiasm, a group of 17 of us from JC Metalworks accompanied by family and friends and led by Philip set out on our first training session from Woodhouse Eaves at 10.30am.

We squelched our way through muddy fields walking alongside horses, cows and sheep. We climbed over wooden stiles (some of which were quite a challenge for the less tall amongst us). Being out in the countryside the smell was delightful as you can imagine, but the scenery was beautiful.

We crossed green fields and walked through Swithland Wood, with the sun on our faces. We headed to the lovely Bradgate Park which was packed with people! There was a long queue for the café so we had a little picnic on the grass instead before our first real challenge which was to climb up Old John – the hard way! When we got to the top we all had a short break and boosted up our energy levels before climbing back down the rocks, which was tricky but fun!

We then made our way out of Bradgate Park and through fields before crossing a golf course where the children had fun finding several golf balls in the bushes and under the rocks. We had to watch out in case a golfer hit us on the head but luckily we all made it across safely thanks to Phil who was keeping his eye out for us. As we got near to the car park we went from a group of 17 to 6, the rest choosing to continue and climb two more hills (they were clearly bonkers!).

Up and up we climbed up Broombriggs Hill – it was practically vertical! (Thank goodness there was a bench there!) When we got to the top we were very proud but some us felt that we were almost dying! The best thing though was that there was still another hill to climb! Steadily we climbed up Beacon Hill – step by step, each of us determined to get to the top! The final climb was steep but we made it right to the highest point and then had another short break before taking photos of the view as we could see the whole of Loughborough and even the power plants far away in the distance.

As the sun was setting we walked back down to Woodhouse Eaves, eager to change our shoes and head back home. The time was around about 5.30pm. We did it in a total of around 30,000 steps which was about 11 miles.

Well done to everyone and thank you Phil!

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Written by Meenal Mistry, Sales Administrator

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