Surprise! Happy 40th Birthday Jason and Dimple!

5th April 2019   |   News

On Thursday 21st March, we held a surprise gathering with all JC staff in our upstairs showroom. We did really well not mentioning anything to them, but trust me, it was hard!

Our colleague Bekki kindly made a delicious three tiered cake for Jason and Dimple with layers of chocolate, lemon, and vanilla and raspberry flavoured cake. She decorated half the cake with flowers and stripes for Dimple, and the other half was decorated with Star Wars, Captain America, Batman and Spiderman logos for Jason.

She also decorated the room with balloons and banners to create a big birthday atmosphere.

As we all waited quietly in the showroom, Jason and Dimple came in thinking it was a meeting as we all shouted ‘Surprise’ and sang Happy Birthday.

Phil made a lovely speech wishing them Happy Birthday and also celebrating the fact that Jason has been with JC for 21 years. We also signed two big cards which Bekki created online filled with young and “much younger” photos of Jason and Dimple and their family. As a team, we gifted them Go Ape vouchers where they can spend an adventurous day outdoors with their three children.

We also had a special appearance from Dimple’s Mum who came down from London and also Jack and Shila popped in after just coming back from India.

It was a lovely hour spent together in the afternoon, eating scrumptious cake and taking photos which we have shared for you all to view.




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