JC Metalworks at Snowdon

Snowdon – We Did It!

21st May 2018   |   News

After weeks of training and with nerves building up, on Saturday 5th May, the day arrived for a team of 22 of us to travel to Wales. We met up at 11am with bags of clothes, food and drinks for the weekend and left for Snowdon. The adventure had begun!

The weather was fantastic! It was another bright and sunny weekend and the views were beautiful from the minibus as we travelled across country enjoying the clear blue skies and countryside. We stopped in the beautiful town of Llangollen for some food in a local pub, The Corn Mill, which is situated alongside the River Dee. We were meant to go for a short walk here, however, time was against us and we simply ate and made our way to Caernarfon to check into our hotel and get ready for our trek the following day.

As we continued on our journey, we drove past the mountain range of Snowdonia and were in awe at the outstanding scenery. It was absolutely beautiful! We were gazing in the distance at the train which travels up and down Snowdon and were shocked at how big the mountain is close up and I think a few of us were wondering how we were going to climb it!

The sun greeted us at 6am on Sunday 6th May and we quickly breakfasted and were ready to go at 8am. On the way to Snowdon we grabbed some fresh food for our climb and started our trek at 9am following the Llanberis path. It was a hot, bright and sunny day for us, lovely Bank Holiday weekend weather! The Llanberis path is known as the most gradual and gentle path and as a result of that, the weather and it being a Bank Holiday weekend it was very busy. I couldn’t believe how many people were climbing Snowdon that day!

Looking up at Snowdon from below, we knew those 1,085 metres (approximately 5 miles to the top) were not going to be easy but that’s why we were there to challenge ourselves and to raise money for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People. The children in our group were bouncing their way up like bunnies, whilst the rest of us were walking up steadily. The first incline was very steep and we were already dripping with sweat and panting breathlessly, but we were determined to keep going to get to the top! After that steep slope it was a gradual walk to the Halfway House where we stopped for lunch at about 11:30am. It was only 2 hours from when we started but we were very hungry, so we ate a lot to boost up our energy levels. After lunch – upwards and onwards we climbed towards the top. The path was a lot steeper from about three quarters of the way up but as we neared the top we could see all the mountains in the range, the blue lakes at the bottom of Snowdon, the sea in the distance, the shadows of the mountains and a the few clouds. We couldn’t believe our eyes – it was truly beautiful.

Finally, we could see the top, and more and more people were uniting onto one path as many of the different routes up Snowdon meet at a point. Then we joined the queue so we too could stand on the highest point in Wales! It had taken us about 4 hours to climb Snowdon! Whilst we rested, ate and drank some more water, we took a big group photo with our JC Metalworks flag and our red Rainbows t-shirts. Then it was time to walk back down. Several of us were dreading it as we knew it was going to be painful on our knees and toes… and it was! After a good couple of hours, and with the sun still shining and keeping us warm, we got to the bottom just before 6pm and were relieved to have completed our challenge and to have climbed the highest mountain in England and Wales. We took more group photos, had a drink, bought some souvenirs, and left for home at 6.30pm. Altogether we walked about 10 miles or approximately 26,000 steps and travelled up 1,085 metres which is about 217 floors of elevation.

What a fantastic achievement! Well done to everyone! Thank you, Phil, for organising everything so well and driving us there and back. We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you to everyone for supporting us and helping by donating to Rainbows! We have raised £10,804.80 and hope with one last push to top £11,000! To sponsor us please go to: https://www.justgiving.com/company/jcmetalworks