September 2015 Employee of the Month

29th October 2015   |   News


We would like to extend a warm congratulations to Adrian Gruska from our Assembly Department who has been selected as our Employee of the Month for September, in recognition of his commitment and flexibility in running the assembly line, and achieving all outputs with no quality issues.

Getting to know Adrian:

Outside of work, Adrian enjoys learning about other cultures and countries that he would like to visit, searching for new information about different symbols, places and people from different regions.

What are the three things that you could not live without?

  • My family is the most important for me, I am very lucky to have an amazing family that makes me happy every day.
  • My phone – it’s my entertainment. I browse social networking sites, watch movies, take pictures and record videos. Some might say that I’m addicted to it 🙂
  • Music – I like to listen my music every day, it gives me strength and motivation every day

Congratulations on your award, Adrian! Keep up the good work!