Presenting: JC Metalworks Easter Gifts!

24th April 2019   |   News

We’re very pleased to present our brand new JC Metalworks Easter Gifts!

These mugs and coasters were designed to be given as a kind gesture to our customers and employees, to say thank you for all the continued support over the years.

The two lovely coaster designs were created by our engineers and were manufactured in our factory.

We complimented the coasters with red mugs incorporated with our white JC logo on either side.

Both coaster designs were chosen based on the appearance of cracking an egg, to be in keeping with the Easter theme. The square coaster was designed by our Apprentice Engineer Theo Pritchard, and the round coaster was designed by Jamie Bailey, our Development Engineer. Both coasters were made with two parts of metal, one with a raw finish and one powder coated in red to match our JC colours.

Once complete, we filled the mugs with tissue paper to create a nest, and topped them off with colourful foiled mini eggs. We then put the coasters and mugs together and wrapped them up with cellophane and ribbon to create lovely looking gifts to hand out to our customers and employees.

We have put a lot of creativity and love into designing these coasters, with a lot of hard work and effort put in, both throughout the factory and in the offices. We think they’re a wonderful way to show appreciation to our customers and employees, as well as showcasing the skills of our engineers who hugely enjoyed making them. We hope everyone liked them and hope you enjoy using them at work and at home!