Precision Metalworking For Beauty Retail Displays

15th May 2014   |   News

At JC Metalworks, our latest precision engineering projects have involved the forming and fabrication of point-of-sale displays for beauty brands. Once these retail displays are completed and shipped, they will be placed in chemists and department stores in the UK.

Over the course of the past few weeks, our factory has seen its fair share of projects producing cosmetic retail displays. In addition to creating feature point-of-sale displays for specific brands, we have also fabricated shelving units that will house a single shop’s entire cosmetics collection.

When it comes to cosmetics, many brands have specific colour preferences for their point-of-sale displays. So, we work together with our clients to ensure that their displays are finished with powder coating in their signature colour.

An interesting proposal that we have recently produced is for a hair care brand. If JC Metalworks wins the contact, our point-of-sale displays will be placed in salons and beauty supply stores across the United Kingdom.

JC Metalworks provides precision sheet metal engineering services for the retail sector. For more information, visit our Point-of-Sale Displays page or call us at: 01509 233280.

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