Our New Laser Cutting Machine: One Year On

9th June 2015   |   News

Last year, JC Metalworks received a £100 000 Regional Growth Fund (RGF) grant from the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP), and we used the funding to purchase a new laser-cutting machine. One year on, the machine has enabled us to meet tighter deadlines and manufacture more products for clients. It will certainly continue to have a positive impact on our production.

The AMADA FOL3015 AJ is the world’s fastest Fiber Laser machine. It cuts various types of steel, such as mild steel and stainless steel ‘ as well as aluminium, copper, brass and titanium. As such, we are able to offer clients manufacturing services made from a wider range of metals.

Since installing the FOL3015, a number of projects have been completed on this high-tech laser cutting machine. A wide range of clients have been able to benefit from the fast speed of the machine, which helps to speed up project completion times and shorten deadlines.

The staff at JC Metalworks are also very pleased with the machine, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Our team are pleased with how quickly they can finish jobs with the new AMADA FOL3015, while our clients benefit from its very fast performance.
For more information on our laser cutting services, visit our Metal Laser Cutting page or contact us at 01509 233280 or sales@jcmetalworks.co.uk.

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