Health & Safety Week

16th June 2014   |   News

16 ‘ 20 June is Health and Safety Week. This event celebrates the 85% decline in fatal workplace accidents since the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) was passed in 1974. With a strong commitment to the occupational safety of our team members, JC Metalworks is a proud supporter of Health and Safety Week.

JC Metalworks has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy regarding health and safety practices. We ensure that all engineers, managers and technicians are trained to become proficient in our health and safety processes. We do not tolerate any employees disregarding these measures and putting themselves and their colleagues at risk.

The key to our successful health and safety record is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All of the technicians at JC Metalworks undergo training on the types of PPE required to perform their jobs safely. We also ensure that our technical equipment is reviewed regularly, so that workers receive the utmost protection when carrying out precision metalworking tasks.

We also perform a number of daily checks every day to ensure the safety of our workers. Calibration checks, machinery checks, and boundary checks are just a few of the inspections that the JC Metalworks team carries out daily to confirm that there are no health and safety risks.

‘At JC Metalworks, we make every check possible to ensure that our shop floor remains safe,’ says Prakash Chavda, QHSE Coordinator at JC Metalworks. ‘Our team members are well looked after by our health and safety measures, and clients can rest assured that their products are being manufactured in a safe environment’.

For more information on our safety policy, visit our page.

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