Foreman Paul Fletcher Retires after 10 Years of Service

11th December 2013   |   News

In 1984, they went their separate ways, as Jack established JC Metalworks in 1986 and Paul moved on to Sefton Display near the old hospital on Baxter Gate in Loughborough. In 2003, Sefton closed down and Jack viewed this as an opportunity to once again work with his former mentor. Jack offered Paul a position as General Foreman at JC Metalworks, with responsibility for all projects across the entire factory. As the company expanded, Paul specialised in the Forming department, where he could use his experience to develop the team.

During his time at JC Metalworks, Paul has made countless valuable contributions to many projects. Always happy to provide advice, guidance and his professional opinion, he is an esteemed member of the team and is well-respected as a friend and colleague by all members of staff.

After ten years as Foreman at JC Metalworks, and having worked in the manufacturing industry in and around Loughborough for over 40 years, Paul Fletcher will be retiring from the trade. As a valued member of the team and a friend to all staff members, Paul will be missed dearly.

Although he joined the JC Metalworks team in 2003, Pauls history with the company spans over 40 years. In the late Sixties, he started working as a foreman at Heatray. It was there that he met Jack Chauhan, an apprentice who would later go on to found JC Metalworks. At the time, Paul mentored Jack, and the two formed a professional relationship and friendship that would develop over decades.

A surprise party for Paul

At the JC Metalworks Christmas Party last week, a surprise farewell presentation was given to Paul. Jack and other staff members offered their words of support for Paul, Jack commented, ‘Paul’s been to my 21stbirthday party, my stag party and my wedding, along with other family weddings, it’s been a great pleasure working with Paul over the years and I’m both happy and proud to see him retire today. Myself and all the team at JC wish Paul a long, healthy and happy retirement’

Comments from other members of staff included, ‘Our business often measures milestones in expansion and investment, but in our case, that investment is in people as well, and Paul has been invaluable with his experience and expertise. He has been a significant factor in developing much of the business we now work on today, and we are sad to see someone leave us who has taught me and other members of the team so much.’

After various speeches, JC’s General Manager, Lisa Friel presented Paul with a unique gift crafted by the JC Metalworks team, to which Paul commented, ‘That’s smashing, that’s really great, thanks!’

As the presentation wrapped up, an emotional Paul had only a few words to say, ‘I’ve really enjoyed working here with everyone, I always got on well with everybody and feel now is the right time to retire and spend more time with my ‘other boss’! (Paul’s wife Rosie) Thank You all!’