JC Metalworks Employee of the Month holding certificate

Employee of the Month – September 2019

9th October 2019   |   News

September was a fantastic month for us here at JC Metalworks, with plenty of impressive nominations for our Employee of the Month award.

The nominations for JC Metalworks Employee of the Month for September 2019 are…

Bharat Lad

For his extra effort in reducing transport costs. Bharat always offers support to Assembly and Despatch, and goods-in where and when required. He chases relevant departments for jobs due to be shipped, and always guarantees an on-time delivery.”

Elisa Miles 

“For exceeding in her role and in supporting the Purchasing role.”

Duane Hanwell – 2 Nominations

“For being a good mentor during people’s first few weeks at JC.”

“Duane is very hard working, and good at finding and solving all sorts of problems.”

Krzysztof Jurczak

“Krzysztof always helps if you are unsure on a task or don’t understand how to perform a certain job.”

Fabian Mort – 2 Nominations

“Fabian is always hard working, on time, supportive, and very friendly. He takes pride in his job and has helped me a lot so far in my first month.”

“For excellent commitment to the Cutting Department and for always trying his best.”

Adam Hall

“Adam performed very well in the Cutting Department when his Team Leader was on holiday and his tech support was off. Ensuring that the apprentices performed to his expectations, and also the running of machines whilst performing forklift operations, providing Forming with the urgent production required during a busy period.”

Joe Stretton 

“Joe is helpful on jobs that he is knowledgable on and always exceeds targets through efficiency and hard work.”

The winner of the September Employee of the Month is… Adam Hall!

Well done to Adam and thank you for all the hard work.