Employee of the month September 2017

Employee of the Month – September 2017

20th October 2017   |   News

Employee of the Month

Doesn’t it come round quickly?  So who is our Employee of the Month for this month?

Well we couldn’t decide between two this month so huge congratulations to Martin Foister and Vijay Lakhnsi who were both awarded our September Employee of the Month award.

Vijay and Martin both received the award in recognition of consistently delivering results over and above the norm whilst also taking on new responsibilities as Fabrication Technical Support specialists.

Martin has worked with us at JC for 5 years and Vijay for a massive 11 years!  Both work in our Fabrication Department and their names may ring a bell to avid blog readers as they featured recently in another blog due to them both receiving a promotion!

Looks like we have some new stars in the blogosphere here at JC!!  Let’s see where they pop up next. In the meantime huge congratulations Vijay and Martin!  Excellent work both.