Diverse Retail Display Projects

21st October 2014   |   News

At JC Metalworks, our engineering and manufacturing team has been working on a diverse range of retail projects this week.

Clients from a wide range of retail sectors have requested various point-of-sale displays to engage their customers in different ways, and JC Metalworks has manufactured units to suit their specifications. One recent project is the manufacture of a metal retail display bay, which consists of many different fixtures.

The bay accommodates metal racks, mesh shelves and hangers to display various items of clothing and accessories. It will also be fitted with mirrors, and graphics will be affixed to showcase seasonal branding. Another unique project involves the manufacture of a wall-mounted shelf for a gaming console. The unit is designed to be placed on a wall in front of a large television screen. It is connected to a controller, so that shop customers will be able to sample the gameplay of various video games. The final project that has come through our doors this week is the most traditional retail display of the group.

A popular haircare brand has requested the manufacture of 150 freestanding retail display units. They have been fitted with removable clear acrylic, so that shop owners can change the graphics at their discretion. This week’s diverse collection of projects showcases the various opportunities available to visual merchandisers, using different types of retail displays to engage customers. At JC Metalworks, our engineering team works with clients to manufacture effective point of sale units to their specifications.

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