Custom Metal Pallets Improve Production and Sustainability

19th September 2014   |   News

This week at JC Metalworks, a unique new project is being carried out. Our QHSE Coordinator, Prakash Chavda, is working on the design and manufacture of metal pallets which will be used in-house to replace our existing wooden pallets.

The units will be used to store metalworking products in the warehouse and transport them to clients when needed. They are sturdier than wooden pallets and they are stackable. As such, they will support much more weight.

The new pallets will do more than benefit production; they are also a more sustainable option than wooden pallets. Additionally, they will not require replacing as frequently, so they use fewer resources overall in the long run.

The project demonstrates our capacity to provide useful solutions for a wide range of metalworking projects. Prakash was charged with the task of creating new pallets, and he developed an effective solution that benefits the entire company and the environment. As such, clients can approach us with a wide range of manufacturing briefs, and our metalworking design and engineering team will develop a solution that meets their exact specifications.

If you require a custom metalwork solution for your factory, shop or building, give us a call at 01509 233280.

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