celebrations all round for JC Metalworks employee Dharam Bharkri

Celebrations All Round For JC Employee Dharam

15th December 2017   |   News

Well, one of our long-time employees certainly knows how to do things! It was celebrations all round for Dharam Bharkri as he won November’s Employee of the Month award… before taking centre stage at his retirement ‘do’!

First things first – Dharam won November’s Employee of the Month award after being recognised as consistently producing good work, whilst also boosting moral within his team. Colleagues commented on Dharam’s quality of work, the fact that he is a great team worker and his willingness to share his vast knowledge with his colleagues. His colleagues were also impressed with the minimum amount of reworks he does, showing just how good his work is. Other comments included the fact that Dharam is always encouraging the team to work hard and keep the work area tidy.

Dharam has been a member of the JC team for many, many years now and has finally decided that it’s time to retire. Our Chairman, Jason Chauhan, added, “It’s always sad to see someone retire because we all miss them, but how can you really be sad when they have so many plans and talk to you about how they are going to spend their retirement. I hear Dharam may take up golf so he could be out of the house and away from a long list of jobs that will need to be done!”

Dharam leaves us at Christmas but because of holidays and so many of his colleagues wanting to be at his retirement party we held it a week early. As you can see from the photos there was barely a seat left empty. Dharam’s retirement celebration cake also went down well too!

Congratulations Dharam and enjoy a very well deserved retirement. We will miss you.