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The Big Purchase!

20th September 2018   |   News

Recently Jason and Praks went shopping.  The shopping trip involved going to Belgium and when they came back they had to admit to having made a little bit of a purchase. Well, quite a lot of something actually – a new LDV Easy-FormR Series Ultimate Bending Machine – or to you and I a 4 metre Press Brake!

Said Nick, “We have actually been considering the next phase of our investment into our facility for some time.  The trip to Belgium to meet the company and see the kit in action sadly did coincide with my family’s holiday this year so I missed out but Jason and Praks brought back glowing reports, so after agreeing costs, delivery schedules and finalising some funding towards its cost we said ‘yes, let’s do it!’.

“We were helped by Collaborate for Business who gave us a £25,000 grant and by Productivity and Capability Enhancement who gave us a £17,000 grant.  Both grants are from the European Regional Development Fund and the estimated delivery for the Press Brake is the end of November.  We are absolutely determined to get it installed and operational before Christmas so, yes, you could say it’s a bit of a Christmas present to JC and to our clients!

“Having this 4 metre Press Brake installed will mean that we’ll be able to handle significantly bigger and heavier jobs as our current Press Brake only goes up to 3 metres.  Our on-site powder coating facility can already handle up to 4 metre pieces so now we can look after the whole job on site – bending and powder coating them on-site.

“Other investments are also in the pipeline but are unlikely to come online now in 2018. These include a potential extension and a heavy duty welding area complete with lifts etcetera. Again that will mean that we can work safely and effectively on much heavier pieces and will extend our repertoire for the benefit of our clients.  Watch this space!”