Balvir Celebrates 10 Years of Service at JC Metalworks

25th October 2019   |   News

This month our Fabrication Welder, Balvir Ram, celebrated 10 years of service with JC Metalworks.
Balvir is married with two children, a daughter and a son. Before joining JC Metalworks, Balvir travelled all around Europe, spending a lot of time in Portugal working in construction, and in Germany working as a chef.

Balvir joined JC Metalworks in 2009 as a linisher and has been an asset to the company ever since. Within four short years of starting at JC Metalworks, Balvir progressed onto the welding team, where he has remained a crucial part of the team ever since.

Balvir’s team leader, Sam Glover, had the following to say about his colleague:

He’s an incredibly hard and reliable worker and has worked on quite a few of our more specialised jobs, which he has both welded and linished to the high standard expected. He is the first welder called upon when specialised contracts hit the fabrication department.

Thank you to Balvir for your continued service, hard work, and support to JC Metalworks. We would like to wish you continued success in your role.

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