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28th August 2018   |   News

Well it’s all go here with three of our current Apprentices having now graduated and three more starting with us in early September!  Rather than us beat the drum of our Apprenticeship scheme and the opportunities it offers we thought it would be far better to hear from just one of our current just-about-to-graduate Apprentices!


Over to Jake Morris…

“Hi, I’m Jake and I’ve been an Apprentice at JC Metalworks now for three years and I’m just about to graduate.  I decided to become an apprentice at JC because the company were able to provide me with opportunities to progress within engineering in multiple areas such as forming, cutting and in the office, before I eventually joined the engineering team.  JC gave me a platform to build on towards the career path I had always wanted to follow.

The Apprenticeship here at JC mixes practical experience here in the factory / office with study at Loughborough College.  I found juggling work and the workload of college relatively easy 90% of the time.  JC supported me and gave me the opportunity to do college work that was required if I needed to do something.  As long as I kept on top of it, it was OK.  Sometimes, I did find myself a bit swamped with work and college, but I was always able to have the time to get back on track and the support if it was ever needed.

Recently I joined the engineering team and I’m absolutely delighted to have moved into the team due to it being the main reason behind my choice of becoming an Apprentice at JC!  I have always wanted to be involved with the design side of engineering and when the opportunity came up to come into the office, I jumped at it (that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy working on the shop floor – it’s just not where my heart was).

So, at the minute I’m learning the design side of engineering and gaining more abilities and skills every day, and my responsibilities are increasing too.  Eventually I would like to be able to do the HND / HNC once I’ve completely settled into the engineering team and have done all the internal training that has been provided.  I want to be able to get as many qualifications behind me as possible because I believe it will not only benefit me but the company in the future.

It’s great to see another three new Apprentices joining JC!  It makes me think back to when I started!  The main message I would give the new Apprentices is to be willing to learn any new machine, tool or process.  Don’t be afraid to ask to have a go at something new or be afraid to ask questions.  I found myself learning quicker because I was happy to say, “can I learn that machine, please?” to the team leaders.”


We’ll welcome our three new Apprentices later on in September when they have had time to settle, but in the meantime, thanks Jake!

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