A Busy Time For Point-of-Sale & Display Manufacturing

2nd May 2014   |   News

The past few months have been an exceptionally busy time for JC Metalworks, as we are working on manufacturing a number of different retail display units.

Currently, we are working on a set of shelves which will be placed in the bakeries of a well-known grocery store chain. It is a unique project because they will be finished in a clear protective coating, unlike other point-of-sale displays which are coated with an opaque finish. This gives the product a raw and rustic look while protecting the retail display from rusting and other signs of wear.

One of our bigger projects sees our precision engineering team working on retail display units for beauty products, which will be placed in a department store. These displays are finished in a unique gold colour that has been specially selected by the client. As a large project, we will manufacture thousands of point-of-sale display units and it will take ten weeks to complete.

Another retail display manufacturing project that we have undertaken will see us create hundreds of mannequin stands. The rollerball wheels for these point-of-sale displays will come from another company but the JC Metalworks team will fully assemble the product. As such, the displays will be delivered to the customer ready to be placed on the shop floor.

For more information on the engineering and manufacturing services offered by JC Metalworks, visit our Metalworking Manufacturing Services page or give us a call at 01509 233280.

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