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metal laser cutting - fibre laser cutter machine at work

Technology continues to move so fast, but at JC Metalworks we love that!  We fully embrace new technological developments and what those developments can do for our business and our clients.  Recently we have been ‘shopping’ for new up-to-the-minute technologically driven equipment and top of our list is a brand new laser cutter machine.

Metal Cutting Machines

We have already started talking to our suppliers about what’s out there in the marketplace, costs, delivery and install timelines etcetera.  This purchase will be in our current financial year and we’ll update you more as we narrow down the choice and place that order.  Full automation including swapping out sheets of metal…. Here we come!
Now we may appreciate that we sound a little geeky but let’s just look at what laser cutting machines offer us, and therefore our clients, and maybe you’ll see why we get so excited about them and the developments that have come in since we bought our last laser cutting machine just 3 years ago.

Laser Cut Steel

We use our current laser cutting machine on steel, mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel… and the precision you get from a metal laser cutting machine is second to none.  From intricate profiling through to creating a smooth edge finish, laser cutting machines have been at the heart and soul of JC Metalworks for many years now.  They are easy to set up and ensure that each and every repartition is within 0.1 millimetre of perfection time after time. For the work we do, that’s absolutely vital. The work we do, and the clients we look after, need the reassurance that we can work to those types of margins.

What are the alternatives to laser cutting?  Well, metal punching is another option and suitable for many situations. However, if you are looking for intricacy, 0.1 millimetre precision and / or smooth edges laser cutting is for you.

To find out more, or to run a project past us and get our views on the best process/es to achieve your end objectives, give us a call and / or come down and visit our factory.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

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