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Unique Retail Display Ideas & POS Visual Merchandising Techniques

25th October 2019   |   Knowhow

It doesn’t matter how amazing your product is, how competitive your prices are, or how friendly your staff are – if your retail display and visual merchandising techniques fall short, your sales will be affected.

The best way to protect your bottom line is to make sure your point of sale displays and marketing materials are eye-catching, unique, and fit for purpose.

It might be tempting to opt for off-the-shelf, commonplace retail display stands and materials, but, by implementing some unique retail display ideas with bespoke point of sale displays, you’re much more likely to make a lasting impression (and an extra sale!) when a customer reaches the point of purchase.

The Best Merchandising Display Ideas for a Retail Store

There is a lot of information out there on the web about the best merchandising display ideas for a retail store. As we have been manufacturing diverse retail point of sale display stands and other POS marketing materials for over 30 years, we like to think we know a thing or two!

Here are our top tips when it comes to visual merchandising techniques and POS marketing.

Use Eye-Catching Colours

Most consumers today tend to shop in the same way we might read a boring email or newspaper article – skimming over the content and seeing if anything interesting jumps out. By using eye-catching colours in your retail displays, you’ll have a much better chance of drawing the customer in, and ultimately, a much better chance of making that sale.

Whatever the theme of your store is, there will be a visual merchandising colour scheme that works for you. If you own a toy store for example, a bright rainbow of colours across your displays will work a treat. If you’re a high end clothing boutique, monochromatic retail display stands and displays will add a touch of class.

Luckily, our in-house powder coating team can finish your point of sale display materials in any colour you could possibly dream of!

Use Technology

A great store display in an exciting colour is great, but imagine if you could make it even more enticing! By making use of technology, like light boxes or point of sale video display, you can add an extra enticing element to your display that is bound to draw people in. Take this POS display we created for Logic as a great example – the changing colours of light add an extra element of fun to what could have easily been a standard set of shelving.

Logic Pro Freestanding Retail POS Display for JTI

Here at JC Metalworks, we can source any number of electrical parts, screens, lights, network cables, and whatever else you might need. We take care of the final assembly here in-house, meaning you have one less thing to worry about if you do want to opt for this kind of retail display.

Use Empty Space Well

There are bound to be empty gaps in your retail store that could be used more wisely. For example, If you have an awkwardly shaped alcove near your tills that you’ve never known what to do with, a bespoke free standing point of sale display could be created that fits perfectly into this space.

Different layers and levels of retail shelving and in store displays create a dynamic effect that will make your store look exciting and enticing.
Hanging shelves and intricately shaped displays are not only a great way to make the most of your empty space, but also make your store look a lot more interesting than your competitor’s stores!

Do you want to discuss some retail display ideas or unique visual merchandising techniques? Get in touch with us today on 01509 233 280, or contact us here.