We’re Supporting Year of Engineering!

3rd July 2018   |   Articles

Engineering is at the very core of what we do here at JC Metalworks and as such we thought it was vital to support the government led initiative, Year of Engineering.

This campaign celebrates the world and wonder of engineering.  It also forms part of the Government’s strategy, which is committed to boosting engineering across the UK, ensuring everyone has the skills needed to thrive in the modern economy.

The thing is not many young people and especially young girls think that engineering is for them.  As a result many in the engineering sector struggle to attract talent.  That’s why we put in place our Apprenticeship Programme, which is all about developing the talent we will need, as a business, for our future.  However, not every company can afford to do that so this national campaign, which is designed to raise awareness of engineering and the career opportunities it provides will, we hope, make a real difference to people’s perceptions of engineering and all it entails and offers opportunity-wise.

JC will run open days across 2018 which will show young people what we do and the many diverse trades and career opportunities that our business can offer them.  Added Nick, “We‘ve always run a couple of open days each year but this year, to coincide with the Year of Engineering, we’re running a few more.  Some will be in support of a local charity we work with – TwentyTwenty – a registered charity helping disadvantaged and disengaged young people to develop confidence, succeed in education and find sustainable employment.  Some will be with Loughborough College where we’ll open our doors to potential apprentices and some will be in association with local / regional schools and Universities.  What I would say though is if anyone is interested in coming and looking around and discussing potential careers options – particularly with regard to engineering – do contact us and we’ll find a day that works for you and show you around.  We do a pretty good tour of our factory and facility here in Loughborough nowadays!  We’re quite well practiced at it as many of our clients and potential clients come for a look round!”

Further details of The Year of Engineering can be found here: https://www.yearofengineering.gov.uk/about