Throwback Thursday – We share a little piece of history

17th December 2015   |   Articles

We recently stumbled upon a little piece of history here at JC Metalworks ‘ a 43-year-old Apprenticeship Agreement belonging to Jesukh (Jack) Chauhan ‘ Director of JC Metalworks.

The agreement, typewritten and bound with paper and ribbon, outlines an era much different to the one we live in now.

On 4th September 1972, Jesukh (Jack) Chauhan was employed as an apprentice sheet metal worker for Loughborough Oven Works ‘ an agreement that had to be authorised by a guardian – his father, Manji Chauhan. Jesukh undertook this apprenticeship while studying at Loughborough Technical College and, earning a meagre £5 a week (£63 in today’s money), started his upward climb to success.

It would be in this company that Jack would learn the metalwork trade and discover his passion for the industry, learning and expanding to eventually become the owner of his very own metalwork fabrication company ‘ JC Metalworks. Our family-owned business was founded in 1986, from humble beginnings in the garage of his house with a cutting saw and welding plant, Jack saw the company grow from strength to strength, opening his first unit where he employed just 2 people, to our current 60,000 feet, modern-day facility in Loughborough with over 80 members of staff.

Finding Jack’s old apprenticeship agreement reminds us of how important the past is, and how far hard work will take you in life.