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Self-awareness at work

26th July 2018   |   Articles

Being self-aware in the workplace is vital if you want to develop your own skills and the skills of those you work alongside.  To that end we decided to attend a one-day course during which members of the JC team learnt how to identify and question the thoughts and stories that block us from living in productive emotional states.

The course started with an introduction to emotional intelligence and was a very practical course which gave us the opportunity to reflect on how each of us handles conflict as well as the giving and receiving of feedback.

The course took place in our boardroom and attendees included Jason our Chairman, Praks our Operations Manager, Neil our Commercial Manager, Phil our Financial Controller, Ben one of our Project Managers, Paul our Production Planner, Gary a Team Leader in our Powder Coat department, Sam, at Team Leader in Fabrication, Marcin a Team Leader in Cutting, Mehdi, a Senior Estimator and Nicola our HR Manager.

Nicola spoke about the course saying, “I really do believe that attendees will have left the course with an increased insight into their triggers, behaviours and responses to others.  They will be far better placed to understand how to handle conflict and feedback calmly and openly.

“In any close working space that has time pressures associated to its work there will be occasions when tempers are frayed.  If we can help our wider team navigate through such natural feelings and be even more constructive with their feedback then we will all win.  A healthier, happier work environment is a win for all of us.”

Some of the feedback from the course included:

o   Relaxed but thought provoking – led me to analyse my style and look to see how I can adapt this going forward

o   Course was detailed enough in the time given.  Gareth delivered the course well and managed to keep most people’s attention for the duration of the course

o   Very good and approachable

o   The course in general was great and opened my eyes on a lot of topics.  The trainer was very confident and knowledgeable.  There was a vast amount of information to be delivered

o   My objectives were to increase my self-awareness and how I am perceived to others.  The course gave me some ideas about how to portray myself and the importance of feedback cannot be underrated

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