Manufacturing 4.0 and JC Metalworks

6th July 2018   |   Articles

Manufacturing 4.0 or Industry 4.0 is the name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing.  Manufacturing 4.0 is commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution (the first being mechanisation using water and steam power, the second being mass production and the advent of the assembly line, and the third being computers and automation) leaving behind in its wake all who do not manage to keep up with the times!

But what does Manufacturing 4.0 mean to JC Metalworks and, more importantly, to our clients?

Jason Chauhan, our Chairman here at JC, spoke about Manufacturing 4.0 saying, “Key to us staying at the top of our game are our people and a big part of Manufacturing 4.0 is people.  I think many people make the mistake of thinking that Manufacturing 4.0 is only about the Internet of Things, cloud computing and data exchange but these are there to assist and support people with production-related information, thereby increasing productivity whilst also increasing the information people have immediately to hand in order to make key decisions and keep the work flow going.

Manufacturing 4.0 is also about security and safety and particularly important, for us, is the security and safety of designs which we have developed for our clients or that our clients have developed with us or have delivered to us for us to manufacture.  Hand-in-hand with that is continuing to ensure the safety of our people from machinery-related hazards as well as protecting the company from attacks and hackers.

Whilst there is a lot more to Manufacturing 4.0, these are certainly two of the absolutely key areas to JC and ones where we have innovated and invested to ensure that our people and our clients benefit from advances which help us offer genuine added value as well as protect them and, in the case of our clients, their IP.

“At the end of the day Manufacturing 4.0 is about intelligent manufacturing and that’s what we’ve been doing for years now.  It’s helped us grow and streamline how we work for the benefit of us all – employees and clients alike.”


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