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Is Size Everything?

7th August 2018   |   Articles

We don’t want to reply too quickly with a ‘no, size isn’t everything’ answer, however… when you’re really trying to show the size and scale of your operations and, therefore, your capability – how do you do it in a way that doesn’t come across as bragging (we’re really not interested in that at all)?

We turned to Dave Sinclair of Corporate Motion who we’ve worked with a couple of times now to help us out and boy did we have fun!  He and his pilot (yes they really are called pilots) brought down a whole load of toys and gadgets and flew over JC (good job we’d booked the really good weather!) with their drone. Wow! The footage really does show how big our factory and facility is! Even we were surprised and we’re here every day!

Once the outside was filmed it was time for the inside to be filmed too. It’s usually at this point where everyone hides (come on, who really likes to be filmed after all?) but not today! Perhaps it’s because we’re ever so slightly geeky but for this filming everyone got involved in the action – all departments, all staff – lots of curiosity and a lot of fun too! Well, when there’s a drone flying around you have to come out and have a look don’t you?!

We’re absolutely thrilled with the result. In all seriousness it shows the size and scale of JC for those who can’t make it over to see us and take our soon-to-be-world-famous-tour. It’s a very visual way of saying ‘look at us and what we can do for you!’ – from fabrication to powder coating and prototyping through to assembly we’ve got it covered!

Have a watch and see what you think! It’s just over 30 seconds of footage but tells a really powerful story. Thanks Dave for all your help and support. Couldn’t have done it without you!

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