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The Heady World of Retail Display Shelving

21st August 2018   |   Articles

We are all aware that nothing much stays the same in the fast-moving world of retail.  Static is not a word you want attributed to your retail displays, your brand or your business!

In a world where retail is led by experience and consumers don’t only want to shop but come away from a store feeling – well, different to when they went in, there is no room for the average or the usual… and that includes your store shelving!

Recently we’ve been working with a couple of agencies and brands to incorporate their retail shelving into the actual retail environment, helping to give the store a textured and layered look which invites the customer in to explore more of the store.

Hot Tip Number 1: Creating layers within your retail store space is vital and will attract but also retain customers as they take a journey through your store.

Some high quality brands are also integrating tech in the form of augmented reality (AR) into their interiors and even into their changing rooms – again aimed at engaging their customers in the story they are telling and the products / services they are selling; it’s about making shopping an experience (we all know we can get ‘it’ cheaper online after all!).

Hot Tip Number 2: Integrating it seamlessly into a display can call for bespoke shelving or custom shelving to really make sense of the space, the brand and the tech.

Brands in retail are now also looking at how they can build in flexibility to their store environments with ‘flexibility’ and ‘mobility’ becoming watch words in 2018.  What does this mean for us as makers of retail shelving units here in the UK?  It means that we’re being asked more and more often to help in the design, value engineering, material choice etcetera for systems of modular fixtures which can be reconfigured into a variety of different shapes as needed giving flexibility to the brand, its store and its customers.  It also gives us the opportunity to form a visual language via the retail fixtures, store shelves and retail shelving units we design and manufacture.

Hot Tip Number 3: Flexibility really can be balanced up with practicality ensuring your bespoke shelves and shop shelves become as much a part of your retail space and environment as they are a way of displaying your merchandise.

Want to find out more?  Just give us a call or pop in and see us!  We can talk retail displays until the cows come home!


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