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The Evolution of the Self-Service Kiosk

17th July 2018   |   Articles

It wasn’t so many years ago that self-service kiosks were pure science fiction, but now they’re an everyday part of our lives and are found in restaurants, retail outlets, banks, offices, train stations and airports… and the list is growing!

But what exactly is a self-service kiosk?  A self-service kiosk is an interactive kiosk housing a computer terminal and featuring specialised hardware and software that provides access to specific information, coupled with the ability to communicate, perform commerce, entertain and/or educate.

Absolutely key to the success of a self-service kiosk is its design, which is quite often held as being the driving force in user adoption and brand recognition.  Get that wrong and people will, quite literally, walk on by. However, how many self-service kiosks you’re going to require is also incredibly important to know at the outset as that will determine which manufacturing processes are viable for you and your budget.

Another couple of key considerations are durability alongside ergonomics.  In today’s society we have an ageing population and their needs need to be considered at every part of the design process or clients risk losing a large section of their buying public, if not also incurring the wrath of customers who feel that they have been excluded.  With regards to durability many self-service kiosks are located in high volume environments (think fast food outlets, for example) where they will, without fail, be on the receiving end of some pretty rough treatment every now and again.  Whether they are to be located indoors or outdoors will also drive the thoughts behind materials to be used, manufacturing process etcetera.  Side-by-side with that is maintenance (how easy is the self-service kiosk to maintain and how long will it be out of action each time it is maintained?) and regulatory compliance (especially electrical standards).

Phew! With so much to consider you would be wise to work with a manufacturer with a proven track-record in self-service kiosk design, manufacture and assembly – including non-metal parts such as the hardware and software; and we know just the people!  Give us a call or pop in to see examples of our work and let’s discuss your next self-service kiosk project!

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