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Cosmetic Units

23rd July 2018   |   Articles

You only have to look around on Instagram to see how cosmetic trends change.  Just look at Glitter Lips for instance.  Developed by Beauty Boulevard, a Lincoln-based company, just a few years ago this company has seen huge growth and whilst we haven’t worked with them, we can’t imagine that their Point Of Sale Cosmetic Units would be anything other than eye-catching!

So what are our top three tips specifically for Cosmetic Units?

  1. It’s all about appearance!  Whilst there may be similarities in terms of size of shape of product each will have its very own unique brand and be aiming at a specific part of the market.  It’s essential that the Cosmetic Units we design for each of our clients supports their brand and appeals to their end customer
  2. … But it must be hard wearing and durable!  Appearance is all very well but if the Cosmetic Unit isn’t hard wearing and durable we have a problem!  To ensure that the materials we’re using aren’t affected by the product we test them thoroughly as well as bringing our years of experience to bear!
  3. … And affordable!  Like most sectors cosmetics is a fiercely competitive industry sector and ensuring a fantastic look and feel hand-in-hand with durability and all wrapped up a cost per unit which is acceptable to our client is a challenge we relish.  Bring out our Value Engineers and let’s see what they can come up with this time around!  We’ll lay money on it that it’s a tick, tick, tick for you!


Cosmetic Units include:

  1. Cosmetic retail stand
  2. Cosmetic product display
  3. Cosmetic shelf display (otherwise known as shelf merchandiser displays)
  4. Nail polish display
  5. Skincare display
  6. Make-up display
  7. Perfume display
  8. Hair range promotion
  9. Cosmetic display unit
  10. Nail varnish display
  11. Illuminated cosmetic free standing display unit
  12. Beautician travel display case