Coming Out of the Closet

12th July 2018   |   Articles

In our homes, clothes are coming out of the closet and becoming a part of our interior in their own right and with some pretty stunning designers working out there right now we can understand the attraction.

However, in our world, clothing rails have always been on display – let’s face it – without seeing, touching and trying clothes on how would you make the decision as to what to buy and what to leave very firmly on the shelf…. Or hanger?!

As with any product there’s a range of options out there from the very cheap to the uber expensive and everything in between.  The types of brands we work with (and no, due to non-disclosure agreements, we can’t share them with you sadly) it’s about ensuring their brand is absolutely represented through their clothing rails but marrying that up with durability and cost per unit.

We quite often find ourselves having to have very honest and open conversations with brand ambassadors and designers who have captured the very essence of the brand perfectly but, perhaps, have failed to fully appreciate just how robust clothing rails need to be on today’s High Street.  Pram wheels, walkers, newly walking, freshly shod toddlers, as well as motorised scooters strike terror into many a clothing rail manufacturer, but with experience (and we’ve got plenty of that!) there are ways to seamlessly blend design with cost and robustness.

In part this goes back to asking the right questions of the client in the first place – one of those questions being ‘so just how many seasons / months does this clothing rail need to be in store for?’.  We’re often very surprised at the answer so it’s a question well worth asking as is the follow on question – ‘are the clothing rails to be the same for every store or different for your flagship stores and if so, different in what way: appearance only or length of time in store?’.  Again, a great question to ask.

If these questions sound obvious then try not asking them and seeing the look of horror on a client’s face when you’ve spent hours working up drawings, costings and timelines and you’re completely out of alignment with what they’re looking for.  Done once it is never to be repeated!

So, when it’s time for you to review your clothing rail design and manufacture we’d like you to come out of the closet and have an open and honest conversation with us.  We will have the right solution up our sleeve just for you!